Lovely Violet and Olive Green handfasting cord.  Measures 6 feet long with a 6 inch fringe.  The charm of your choice can be attached.

Colour Meanings 

Purple is the colour of dreams, wishes and whimsy.  It encourages peace of mind and helps calm the brain and helps to gather focus.  Purple gives love with kindness, enthusiasm and understanding.

The colour green symbolizes finding balance between your head and your heart.  In nature green represents growth and renewal and represents the season of spring.  Green is an active listening colour filled with good intentions, sound judgement and acts of kindness.  A lot of this comes from green being the blending of yellow and blue - providing clarity with a calm mind.

I make all of my handfasting cords myself in a smoke free home.  I do, however, have a dog and she is always with me.

I have other colours available and can customize your handfasting cord.  Please indicate your choice at checkout.

12 Strand Violet and Olive Handfasting Cord