Four satin ribbons make up this approximately 6 foot 6 inch handfasting cord/ribbon.  It measures 1 1/2" wide and I have added a silver Celtic tree charm (#18).  However, you can choose whichever charms you like to be added.

This is a lovely combination of a Red, Royal Blue, Green and Gold ribbons.  The photos don't do it justice.

Passion, power, and adventure all wrapped up into one bold shade, red is a color of confidence.  Also thought to signify good luck in most Asian countries, red is the perfect color for a couple that loves dramatic romance.

The color of the sky and ocean, it’s not surprising that blue means serenity and peace.  If you want to evoke a more peaceful, dreamy mood, opt for a lighter shade. If you wish to add a note of tradition and loyalty, choose a royal blue or navy.

This is the color of growth, balance, and the natural world. In many cultures, it also represents fertility. Whether you are working with a jewel-toned emerald or a light spring green, all shades are calming. Shades with a little bit of blue are extra soothing.

Gold is a very popular wedding colour as it symbolizes wealth, elegance, luxury and warmth. It's also a very traditional colour from when the Celts used to make lovely gold jewellery to trade and offer as gifts.

All of my handfasting cords are made by me in a smoke free home.  I do, however, have a lovely dog who is with me constantly.  I endeavour to make sure that there are no dog hairs present, but they seem to float through air with minds of their own.  If you find any, please forgive me.  I tried.

Red, Royal Blue, Green and Gold Handfasting Ribbon