This handfasting cord is made in the softest recycled cotton cord in a lovely maroon colour.  It measures 7 feet long and 1 inch wide. This is quite a substantial cord and is much heavier than all of the others.  The charm attached to it is a jeweled claddagh (#17), but it can be adorned with the charm of your choice.

Maroon, a brownish-red shade, stands for passion, confidence, creativity, love, ambition, strength, courage, and beauty. Because of its warm and earthy nature, maroon also represents autumn.

I braid with traditional Celtic braiding patterns.  I have just purchased a new Celtic knot book and as soon as I can convert the knots to braids I will hopefully come up with new patterns.

I make these cords in a smoke free home.  My lovely dog, Lola, is with me constantly and although I endeavour to make these free of her hair there may be some dog hairs floating through the air that find themselves attached to the cords.  If you find any, I apologize.

Maroon 8 Strand Recycled Cotton Handfasting Cord