This handfasting cord is made with the softest recycled cotton cord in maroon, emerald green and white.  It measures 6 feet long and 1 inch wide. This is quite a substantial cord and is much heavier than all of the others.  

Maroon, a brownish-red shade, stands for passion, confidence, creativity, love, ambition, strength, courage, and beauty. Because of its warm and earthy nature, maroon also represents autumn.

Green is the colour of calmness and relaxation, a shade in between yellow and blue, symbolizes harmony, freshness, creativity, productivity, safety, and positivity. It also stands for rebirth and rejuvenation, representing spring when plants get back their life after a chilling winter.

White, a unique color stands for simplicity, cleanliness, purity, coolness, positivity, humility, perfection, and freshness.  It is a colour typically found in weddings as it also symbolizes truth and wholeness.

I braid with traditional Celtic braiding patterns.  I have just purchased a new Celtic knot book and as soon as I can convert the knots to braids I will hopefully come up with new patterns.

I make these cords in a smoke free home.  My lovely dog, Lola, is with me constantly and although I endeavour to make these free of her hair there may be some dog hairs floating through the air that find themselves attached to the cords.  If you find any, I apologize.

Maroon, Emerald Green and White 8 Strand Recycled Cotton Handfasting Cord