​How Do I Place An Order?


Just click on the item and it will automatically go into your cart.  When you check out you will choose your payment method.


What Payment and Shipping Options are there?


Choose the payment option you are comfortable with and shipping is free for purchases over $90.  Unless of course you want it expedited.  You can email me if that is the case and I can determine how much it will cost.


​Is My Payment Information Secure?

Payments on this site are secure and I will never give or sell your email or address to anyone.

Do you Accept Returns?


I will accept returns.  You will have to pay to ship the item back to me with tracking.  Once it is received I will refund the cost of the item only,


What Is Your Privacy Policy?


II will never ever give away or sell any of your information.  I promise I will forget your name and coordinates immediately after shipping your item to you, unless you want me to remember.  Then I can only say I'll try.